Big Things You Need To Know About Throat Infections

Throat infections, medically known as pharyngitis is either viral or bacterial infections. However, throat infection refers to an inflammation of the tissues in the throat that results in swelling, redness, and severe pain in the throat. Initially, throat infections can be managed at home but if the symptoms get severe, it needs proper medical interventions by an ENT specialist in Kolkata. Therefore, read this blog post to learn about the symptoms, causes, and everything you need to know about throat infections. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Throat Infections?

Although throat infections may take place due to a number of reasons, their symptoms are often so similar. The common symptoms of throat infections include –

  1. ·       Persisting cough
  2. ·       Facing difficulty while swallowing
  3. ·       Dryness in the throat
  4. ·       Visible tonsils
  5. ·       High fever
  6. ·       Hoarseness in voice
  7. ·       Pus or white patches
  8. ·       Acute body pain
  9. ·       Severe throat pain

What Are The Possible Reasons For Throat Infections?

A variety of conditions may lead a person to throat infections. Among them, the two most remarkable ones are as follows –

  1. ·       Strep throat
  2. ·       Influenza

In a nutshell, throat infections may either take place because of any virus or bacteria.

How Can You Improve Your Symptoms Of Throat Infections At Home?

As we have already mentioned earlier that throat infections do not require urgent medical interventions. Therefore, listen to what the Best ENT Doctor in Kolkata says about limiting the symptoms of your throat infections at home –

  1. ·       Avoid smoking and be in a smoke-free zone
  2. ·       Avoid irritating chemical exposures
  3. ·       Limit your caffeine intake
  4. ·       Increase healthy liquid intake both warm and cold
  5. ·       Gargle with saltwater
  6. ·       Sucking throat-relieving lozenges
  7. ·       Take hot water steam
  8. ·       Rest your voice as much as you can by avoiding screaming

What Are The Possible Risk Factors For Throat Infections?

There are some major risk factors that increase the chances of developing throat infections-

  1. ·       Being in a chaotic and crowded place
  2. ·       Lower immune system
  3. ·       Living with children
  4. ·       Advanced or very young age
  5. ·       Taking certain medications
  6. ·       Eating unhealthy junk foods
  7. ·       Being acidic on a frequent note

However, you must note that not everyone with any of these aforementioned risk factors will get throat infections. For that, a quick visit to an ENT specialist in Kolkata may help you identify if you have a throat infection. So, if you have any symptoms of throat infections, see the Best ENT Specialist in Kolkata soon.



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